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Xi'an Financial Holding Co., Ltd. Informationization System Construction Project (Phase I) has been approved,Project funds for self -raising 2.1 million yuan,The bidder is Xi'an Financial Holding Co., Ltd.。The project has bidding conditions,Now public bidding。
2. Project profile and bidding scope
Project Overview: Construction of Xi'an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Business Management Platform,By adhering to the enterprise as the center,Taking risk control as the cornerstone,Stakestake appConstruct a diversified financial system that matches economic and social development,Business support bill factoring、Engineering factoring、Guarantee、Financial Leasing、Fund、Asset management and other modes,Accumulate internal data through continuous business grind,and the support system support system for external data access,Create a rich data、penetration of each other、Credit evaluation outstanding、Supply chain verified full -process online comprehensive business platform,Promote the reform of the supply side of financial services,Effectively improve the comprehensive service ability of the real economy。Establish data value chain with value drive,Data Empowerment Business。
Scope of bidding: Construction of the information business system of Xi'an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.,Covering factoring business management、Guarantee Management、Fund Management、Financial Leasing Management、Risk control management and other business functions,The first phase of the project is the construction of the foundation platform of the financial control company and the Stake app downloadstake appdevelopment of the related functions of the factoring business section。Including system deployment、Training、Switch online、Executive operation of trial operation。(See the bidding documents for details)
3, the qualification requirements of the bidder
(1) Corporate legal person or other organizations with the ability to undertake civil liability,Provide a legal and effective business license (the business scope must be compatible with the content of the bidding);
(2) The bidder should authorize legal personnel to participate in the bid,Legal representatives must hold the legal representative certificate and original ID card,The authorized representative of the legal representative to participate in the bid,Must issue a letter of authorization and ID card by the authorized person;
(3) The bidder has a secondary and above qualification for electronics and intelligent engineering.,and have a safe production license and valid;
(4) The bidder must provide in the past three years and three years (2018、2019、2020) Similar project performance;
(5) Bidders must provide nearly three years (2018、2019、2020) Financial audit report,Among them, the financial audit report stake loginStakemust contain the balance sheet、Cash flow form、profit form、Note and Audit Unit Qualification Certification, etc.;
(6) The bidding unit shall not be listed as the executor of the dishonesty in & ldquo; Credit China & rdquo;
(7) Do not accept the bidding of the consortium, and shall not be transferred or subcontract.
4. Getting of the bidding documents
Get time: May 6, 2021 to May 11, 2021, Daily 9: 00 ~ 12: 00,14: 00 ~ 17: 00。
How to obtain: The bidder please bring the unit to introduce the letter and the person's ID card to stamped with the bidder's official seal (original ID card),Go to the bidding agency (Room 1902, Room 1902, Block 1902, Block 19, Want Jiang, Yanxiang Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an),Bidding documents are priced at 800 yuan per part,Do not retreat after -sales。
5. Submitting the bidding documents
Submitting deadline: Bolon at 14:30 on May 26, 2021。
Submitting method: Submitting the paper document of Room 1908, Wong, Want Jiang, No. 3269, Yanxiang Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
6. The bid opening time and place
Bid opening time: 14:30 on May 26, 2021。
Bid opening location: Room 1908, Wong, Want Jiang, No. 3269, Yanxiang Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Seven, others
This bidding announcement was released on the "Shaanxi Provincial Procurement and Tendering Network" and the official website of Xi'an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.。
8. Supervision Department
This bidding project supervision department Xi'an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nine, contact information
Recruitment person: Xi'an Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
Di    Address: Room 301
Lianhe people: Korean Gong  
Electric    Chapter: 029-83597719
Bidding Agency: Shaanxi Ruiqi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Di    Address: Room 1902, Block 1902, Block 19, No. 3269, Yanxiang Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
Lianhe people: Horse Gong
Electric    words: 029-81213656

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