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        To promote the construction of the financial factors market,Accelerate the development of the financial industry,Study on the Management Committee,Report the Municipal Financial Office and the relevant regulatory authorities to set up the Xi'an Silk stake loginRoad Financial Assets Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as & quot; Silk Road Trading Center & QUOT;),Complete business registration work on January 6, 2017。

Silk Road Trading Center is a platform for financial institutions and financial institutions to provide asset transactions and refinancing,It is the Yanshen institution and financial service supporting institution of the financial business。Silk Road Trading Center will be positioned with the fourth -party stake loginplatform,Investment and financing participants、Investment and financing consulting agency、Third -party service agencies provide high -efficiency compliance trading services。
Establishing a financial exchange is to improve the regional financial market structure,Accelerate the construction of the regional financial service system,Promote the upgrade of the financial environment of Xi'an's financial business district,Accelerate the stake appgathering of the financial industry,Provides strong support for the rapid enhancement of regional economy and the adjustment of industrial structure。

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