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       To further enhance market -oriented competitiveness,Actively contact the market、District relevant departments and Bank of Communications Stake.comand other financial institutions understand policies、Getting funds,The registered capital of its wholly -owned subsidiary guarantee company has increased from 350 million yuan to 1.5 billion yuan,and complete the industrial and commercial change on October 31, 2017。This marks the company’s first round of capital increase work to complete,It will provide regional SMEs with stronger and stronger Stake app downloadfinancing support and financial services。

       Next,Financial Control Company will also actively seize policy opportunities,Continue to strengthen cooperation with financial institutions,Effectively carry out the next round of capital increase work,Make the registered capital of the guarantee company to 3 billion yuan,And successfully obtained AA+credit rating,Become one of the influential financing guarantee companies Stake.comin China,Provide high -quality financial guarantee services for regional catch -up and surpass。

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