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        May 13,Xi'an 浐灞 Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; 浐灞 Guarantee Company & rdquo;,5 million yuan of mobile funds loan for a business company provided by a business company of Xi'an Langang International Port is successfully landed。Implementation of this project,Not only does financial accurate support for small and micro enterprises stake loginStakein small and micro enterprises,More regional e -commerce economic development injection power。
        Xi'an Trading Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise engaged in the e -commerce industry,In Jingdong、Taobao、Douyin and other platforms have operations,In gifts、Home and other subdivided tracks have strong competitiveness,The sales revenue of application for application for application is increased significantly,After urgently need to supplement cash flow,浐灞 Guarantee company to conduct in -depth research on Stake app downloadstake loginthe profit model and operation of the enterprise,Active negotiation bank,Design and matching corporate fund cycle borrowing plan,and quickly achieve lending,Effectively alleviating the financing needs of the enterprise。
        Next,浐灞 Guarantee company will actively implement the country and provinces and cities、Industry Association decision deployment,Tightly focusing on the financing needs of small and micro enterprises in the region,Continue to improve financing guarantee business capabilities,stake appStakeIncrease product innovation,To solve the pain point of customer financing、Difficulties are guided,Provide professionalization、Featured financial services,Help enterprise steady development,Contributions to the regional economic take -off force。

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