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       May 14,Xi'an 浐灞 Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; 浐灞 Guarantee Company & RDQUO;) Together with Beijing Bank of China Co., Ltd. Xi'an Branch,10 million yuan of technology loan provided by a certain elevator equipment Co., Ltd. for Shaanxi is successfully put in。This project is landed,Not only does it provide timely funding for business development,More active role in building a good ecology of science and technology finance。 
       An elevator equipment Co., Ltd. in Shaanxi is a specialty engaged in Stake app downloadhigh -end elevator sales、Installation、Private leading enterprises integrating maintenance,Deliven technology research and development and innovation,Has strong market competitiveness in industries in Shaanxi and even northwest provinces。浐灞 Guarantee company is learning that the company is due to equipment procurement,Expand the scope of business Facing a certain amount of capital turnover,Arrange a special person to carry out a survey quickly,Timely designing a scientific and reasonable financing plan for the enterprise,and continuously optimize the product service mode stake loginaccording to the company's feedback,The docking bank quickly completed the lending within one month,Enhance the vitality of innovation for enterprises、Enhanced market competitiveness provides effective financial support。
       Next,浐灞 Guarantee company will actively play the role of policy financing guarantee institutions,According to the relevant requirements of the provincial and municipal establishment and improvement of the technological financing guarantee system,Continue focusing on regional high -tech enterprises、Technology -based SMEs and Specialized Special Special Small Stakeand Medium Enterprises,Following the financing problem of solving technology -based enterprises,Continuously innovative financial products、rich service connotation,Promote the deep integration of technology finance and the real economy,Injects a strong motivation for the development and growth of regional science and technology enterprises。

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