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        March 19,It is learned from Guanzhong Customs: January to February this year,The total value of import and export trade in Xi'an 62.741 billion yuan,increased by 9.46%from the same period last year。Where,Exit about 39.836 billion yuan,increased by 13.84%year -on -year; imports were about 22.906 billion yuan,increased by 2.6%year -on -year,Trade surplus of 16.93 billion yuan at the same period。
        The total value of import and export of processing trade is 33.79 billion yuan,increased by 12.83%year -on -year,53.86%of the city's total value of import and export trade; the total value of import Stakeand export trade stake appof bonded logistics 8.761 billion yuan,49.47%year -on -year,accounting for 13.96%。RMB 16.285 billion in imports and exports to South Korea,increased by 33.99%year -on -year,accounted for 25.96%; the import and export of the United States 3.426 billion yuan,increased by 11.73%year -on -year,5.46%。At the same time,Xi'an City's co -construction & ldquo; Belt and Road & rdquo; National import and export of 35.464 billion yuan,increased by 17.78%year -on -year,56.52%。
        The total value of foreign -invested enterprises imports and exports 37.837 billion yuan,increased by 19.71%year -on -year,accounting for 60.31%of Stake.comthe city's total import and export trade;stake app,increased by 4.13%year -on -year,accounting for 36.75%。Export of electromechanical products 35.352 billion yuan,increased by 12.49%year -on -year,It mainly includes an integrated circuit 16.702 billion yuan,increased by 4.57%year -on -year; car (including chassis) exports 4.323 billion yuan,increased by 161.17%year -on -year; automatic data processing equipment and its parts and components exported 3.521 billion yuan,increased by 20.42%year -on -year; electric carrier -loaded vehicle exports 2.304 billion yuan,42 times year -on -year。Other major export products stake logininclude 583 million yuan of agricultural products,increased by Stake.com62.4%year -on -year; clothing and clothing attachments were 289 million yuan,increased by 81.77%year -on -year; steel of 125 million yuan,increased by 30.72%year -on -year。& ldquo; New three & rdquo; product exports 6.905 billion yuan,increased by 10.52%year -on -year。

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