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The People's Bank of China authorized to announce the announcement of the inter -bank interbank borrowing center,On May 22, the loan market quotation interest rate (LPR) is: 1 -year LPR is 3.65%,LPR above 5 years is 4.3%,All are the same as last month。This is after LPR declined since August Stake app downloadStake app download2022,Maintaining unchanged for 9 consecutive months。

Talking about the reasons for LPR this month,Chief Researcher Dong Ximiao of Zhaolian said,On May 15th, the central bank launched a 125 billion yuan interim borrowing convenience (MLF) operation,Winning interest rate is 2.75%,LPR adds points on the basis of MLF,MLF's bid interest rate if it does not change,LPR adjustment is less likely。
Chief Economist of China Minsheng Bank Wen Bin said,Since the beginning of the year,MLF policy interest rate remains unchanged、Loan pricing has deviated from LPR more、Bank net interest difference is still under pressure,LPR quotation does not have a corresponding reduction space。
LPR is not moving with soldiers,But the actual loan interest rate continues to decline。According to the data released by the central bank,The average interest stake apprate of the newly issued corporate loan issued in March is 3.96%,Among them, the loan interest rate of the newly issued stake logininclusive small and micro enterprise is 4.42%,At the historical low。Another,Data monitored by the Shell Research Institute,May Shell Baicheng's first mainstream mortgage interest rate is 4.0%,1 basis point slightly lower than the previous month; the average interest rate of two mainstream mortgages is 4.91%,Holding it with last month。The first two mainstream mortgage interest rates in May fell 91 basis points and 41 basis points compared with the same period last year.。
Looking forward to the future,Wen Bin said,Compared with the enforcement report of monetary policy in the fourth quarter of last year & ldquo; Promoting the reduction of corporate financing and personal consumer credit costs requirements,Recently released the first quarter of 2023 monetary policy enforcement report on the first proposal & ldquo; keep a reasonable and appropriate level of interest rate & rdquo;,and continued Stakethe first quarter monetary Stakepolicy meeting & ldquo; promoted the comprehensive financing cost of enterprises and the personal consumer credit costs.,It indicates that the central bank has the overall consideration of promoting the continued downturn of loan interest rates,There is also an inner power that keeps interest rates at a reasonable and moderate level,The need for the current loan interest rate is very low、Significantly narrowing space。
He also said,Subsequent LPR reduction,It will mainly depend on the performance of bank interest deviation。In addition to depending on the down reduction of policy interest rates,The most important thing is to match the liability side to match,To ensure that the net interest margin of the bank is maintained at a relatively stable level。In the future period,LPR probability remains unchanged,But accurately support the needs of the real estate industry through differentiation,stake appIncrease physical support Stakeand weak links,Still policy guidance direction。
Chief Macroeconomic Analyst Wang Qing, the chief macroeconomic analyst of Dongfang Jincheng, believes,The current economy turns into the recovery process,But the foundation is still not firm,In the short term, it is necessary to continue to keep the market's main credit cost at a low level,Create a favorable monetary financial environment for economic restoration。He thinks,Although the current bank's net interest difference is low,May LPR keep stable,But the cost of real economy financing in the second quarter is unlikely to rebound sharply due to economic recovery。

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